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Distinguished Student Recognition (DSR)

On May 30, 2014 students from all five of Coastline ROP's participating districts were honored for having distinguished themselves in either the fall 2013 or spring 2014 semester in their ROP classes. Parents and guests of honored students, ROP Board of Trustees members, representatives from local elected officials, and administrators from districts and individual schools were in attendance.

Every year all nominees receive medallions and certificates from the ROP and from local elected officials. In addition, some students are deemed finalists in their industry sectors and receive monetary awards. Students are also honored by the local chapter of the California Association of Regional Occupational Center and Programs (CAROCP) at a breakfast ceremony at the Orange County Department of Education.

01SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 02SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 03SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 04SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 05SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 06SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 07SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 08SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 09SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 10SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 11SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 12SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 13SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 14SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 15SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 16SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 17SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 18SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 19SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 20SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 21SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg 22SpecialDesignationAwardWinners.jpg

The 2014-15 Distinguished Student Recognition Ceremony will be held in May of 2015.  Coastline ROP teachers and career specialists may nominate students from the fall semester by completing the nomination packet below when it becomes available.

Download the 2014-15 DSR Nomination Packet for Fall
(currently unavailable)